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Cultivating Closeness in a World Gone Global

When clients come forward to seek help with an addition or renovation, the first question I ask is, "Why?"  Often they have outgrown their space or their family dynamic has changed, but I've noticed a growing trend that I expect to see continue.  Families want a home that fosters intimacy.  In a world where it is not uncommon for every family member to have their own bedroom, their own bathroom and separate living spaces for kids and adults, where electronic devices invade every area of our lives and face to face interactions are limited to say the least; families long for a home that cultivates closeness.

This project is one such example.  The size of the existing home was not too small, the master bedroom was already on the main level and the kitchen was open and appealing.  However, the home was missing a link that would draw the family together and also provide a retreat for the adults where the hectic pace of life could be left at the door.
Kitchens are the hubs of …

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