What Do I Know Anyway?

I figure a good place to start this thing is at the relative beginning. I wanted to be an architect for as long as I can remember. My dad was an engineer and my mom was an artisan...architecture seemed to be an ideal fit. I attended the college of Architecture at Clemson University in Clemson, SC. The studio is where we lived while we learned the creative process of design. The lights in the studio were never turned off and the doors were never locked, because you can't put a limit on creativity and we artistic types are known for our inability to stop once we get going. It was a great experience and helped shape and tone my creative muscles.

During my senior year I interned with a local architecture firm and they hired me on full-time when I graduated. That is when the real education began. Deadlines, building codes, corporate presentations, sections, details, finishes, budgets, and on and on. I worked on exciting projects like school buildings, churches, assisted living facilities, and homes and schools for kids without families. I ran my own projects and trained interns. It was a challenge I looked forward to meeting each day.

Seven years later, I decided to return to school to obtain a graduate degree that would allow me to complete the Architectural Development Program required by the state to take the Architectural Registration Exam. I attended UNC Charlotte and earned my Bachelor of Architecture degree.

It was at this time that I felt the pull to specialize my design efforts in the area of residential design. I also wanted a career path that would leave me more time to devote to the really important projects in my life, my husband and kids. I decided not to return to commercial architecture. I wanted to focus on the more personal aspects of designing homes and home renovations and additions. For over ten years, I have worked exclusively in the residential design field. Although I qualify to sit for the Architectural Registration Exam, I am not a registered architect.

I am a professional residential designer. I specialize in learning about you, your family and your unique needs and desires. I translate what I learn into custom designs that fit your life, your budget, and your dreams. When I have the design just right, I produce the construction documents necessary for a contractor to build your project. I am involved every step of the way, guiding you, protecting you, and providing professional insight and direction. I love what I do and I pride myself on doing it well.

So, when you read my future posts and you wonder just where in the world I've come up with these ideas and suggestions; you can start here...where it all began.


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