Each year when families across the country retire their old scribbled and marked upon calendars with fresh new ones full of promise and empty spaces to be filled, they begin to dream of ways to improve the way they live and increase the pleasure they receive.  One of the most obvious places they turn to is their own home, the place where they spend the majority of their time.

So it is that we look back at 2012 and ahead to 2013.  Looking back, it is easy to see that remodeling trends continue to evolve and that homeowners are gaining renewed confidence and channeling that energy back into their homes.  According to the National Association of Home Builders (NHAB) there were many projects homeowners chose to undertake, but there were a few common project types that were repeated time and again.  Below is a ranking of the Top Ten Remodeling Projects in descending order:

#10      SIDING 

Improvements to or replacement of exterior siding was the 10th most common renovation project.

#9        ROOFING 

Replacement of a home’s roofing was the 9th most common renovation project.


Finishing an existing basement to gain useable heated and conditioned space within a home without adding on was the 8th most common renovation project.


Minor repairs to homes typically resulting from normal wear and tear was the 7th most common renovation project.

            #6        ROOM ADDITIONS

The addition of a new room to an existing home was the 6th most common renovation project.

            #5        WHOLE HOUSE REMODELING

Renovating an entire house at one time was the 5th most common renovation project.

            #4        REPAIRING PROPERTY DAMAGE

Repairing a home due to property damage caused by either man-made or natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy was the 4th most common renovation project.

             #3       WINDOW AND/OR DOOR REPLACEMENT

Replacement of windows and doors, typically to increase energy efficiency, remains one of the most common renovation project types.  Unfortunately, this trend will continue to top the list since many builders install sub par windows in new homes to save money.


Renovating a kitchen remains one of the most popular project types.  It was the #1 project type until 2009.


Renovating an existing bathroom has fast become the #1 renovation project type with master bathroom renovations leading the list on homeowner’s wish lists.

If you are interested in starting a home renovation project during 2013, but you don't know where to start, gives me a call.  Kustom Home Design has been helping homeowners realize the true potential of their home for 20 years.  Happy New Year everyone!


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