Kitchen stye trends have continued to shift towards the contemporary end of the design spectrum throughout 2014.  Below we have created a slideshow of kitchen design trends that are expected to become more or less popular as we round out the year and look forward to 2015.  Our findings are adapted from the NKBA 2014 Kitchen Style Report and our own professional insights and observations.

Less is More as design styles continue to trace their roots back to sleeker simpler tastes found in contemporary design.

Muted earth tones that lean more towards the gray spectrum are replacing brighter color tones.

Wood species with tighter grain patterns and warmer undertones are replacing traditional wood species that show more movement or knots in their grain pattern.

Distressed finishes are just beginning to show a slow down in popularity while cabinetry with multiple finishes or colors other than white are increasing.

Natural stone surfaces continue to dominate the market.  Mix in some butcher block and your headed in an even more popular direction.

Hardwood continues to gain momentum as one of the most popular flooring choices and for those wary of using wood in a kitchen, wood grain tile is gaining in popularity.

Stainless steel is still a safe choice while granite composite sinks are gaining in popularity.

Silver tones have overtaken the oil rubbed bronze finishes and it appears the brass finish revival has yet to happen.

Homeowners are looking for appliances that help them achieve a clutter free kitchen and professional cooking results.

Look for full refrigerator and full freezer columns to gain in popularity as more manufacturers add them to their product lines.

Convenience and clutter free features are in high demand when it comes to storage features.

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