From Dark to Dreamy: a Modest Kitchen Makeover with Bold Results

Stained wood can add charm, warmth and richness to our homes, but it requires a certain level of balance to prevent it from becoming overwhelming, dark or oppressive.  The balance in this project had yet to be achieved, but there were elements worth saving that would help transform the space from dark to dreamy...

Stained floors, ceilings and cabinets coupled with dark red walls made the space feel tight and outdated.

While a small island formed an obstacle that interrupted the flow and function of the kitchen and didn't provide a large enough prep surface.

The dual loaded galley style kitchen with center island created a bisected space with narrow working aisles leaving the eating area underutilized and inefficient.

The existing kitchen plan had tight circulation clearances and limited work surface.  Foot traffic from the Foyer flowed directly through the working area and in front of the often used refrigerator.  It was not conducive to entertaining or accommodating for multiple cooks.  The breakfast table was not needed, but better access to the dining room was.

The new design keeps the flow of traffic outside of the kitchen working area allowing us to eliminate the cabinetry on one side of the kitchen to increase aisle clearances, provide an open area in front of the refrigerator and improve the overall function of the kitchen.  Enlarging the opening to the Dining room creates connection to this previously separated space and makes entertaining an ease.  The long island provides ample work surface and a casual dining area.

The renovated kitchen is bright and beautiful.  We preserved the stained wood floors, kept the wood ceiling and lightened it with paint, replaced the cabinetry with a balanced combination of stained and painted cabinets and upgraded the counters and appliances.  The sink and range were left in their original positions to reduce cost, but they are integrated into the new design with such skill that they appear as if they are meant to be.

The elongated island provides separation between the working and entertaining areas of the space and provides a wonderful wide work surface with under counter storage accessible from each side.

The new pantry cabinets and dry bar provide ample and efficient storage space and beautifully anchor the end of the kitchen.

The gas range frees up space previously occupied by a wall oven and has an under counter microwave conveniently located next to it.  The counter-depth refrigerator looks sleek and stylish, but it is also very functional because it doesn't protrude into the working aisle.

A prep sink located in the island with a flanking trash drawer creates the ultimate chopping and prep area.

New lighting and thoughtful details bring the space to life adding visual appeal and decorative highlights.

 New granite countertops with a radiused edge add to the beauty of the space and provide a durable work surface ideal for an active family.  

This new design provides the homeowner with a kitchen they love and an entertaining space that works for large and small groups every day of the week.  We were able to transform this dark space into a dreamy kitchen full of light and loveliness.


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