Design & Construction Week 2015 - The Fun Stuff

You know the saying, "All work and no play, makes Johnny a dull boy"; well a dull designer isn't worth much.  So when the opportunity arises to visit Las Vegas "for work", you have to throw in a little fun.  Design & Construction Week is slammed full of new and exciting products, courses in every subject imaginable, networking opportunities galore, and just to round things out a bit, there is some fun to be found.

You may not agree, but my fun began with the flight.  Once you get through all the obstacles and actually take flight, you're treated to views like none other.  So I set out from Greenville, SC and headed for Sin City.

Along the way, I received great news from congratulating me on winning two awards!  I won the Best of Houzz 2015 award for Design and the Best of Houzz 2015 award for Satisfaction.  This is the third consecutive year I have won the Best of Houzz awards and it is a great feeling each and every year!

 Of course, who is there to greet you at the Las Vegas airport?  The slot machines...

...and neon signs!

 Surveyed the view and found fun things just waiting right outside my window

At the convention, I took advantage of selfie opportunities

Enjoyed refreshing beverages and free food

Was interviewed by Houzz TV

Met some celebrities

Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict

Ty Pennington

Enjoyed some comedic relief

Adam Carolla & Ray Oldhafer's construction podcast "Ace on the House"

Marveled at the number of bald men involved with design and construction 
 (because sometimes you have to find fun in the mundane)

Then I boarded a plane and headed home, perhaps a little less dull than when I started!

So long Las Vegas, until next year...
The real purpose of my trip was to discover new and exciting products and materials for my clients, to find inspiration, and to teach a course on Universal Design.  My upcoming posts will highlight everything I learned, show pictures and videos of the best new products for your home, and give you a glimpse into my Universal Design course and highlights of some products to help us all live longer and more comfortably in our own homes.


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