Out of the Design Studio & Into the Recording Studio

I recently stepped out of the design studio and into the recording studio at 94.5 FM The Answer in Greenville, SC.  My friend and colleague, Caren Clark, asked me to join her as a guest co-host on the upstate's number one Home Improvement radio show, From House to Home with Ken and Caren.

I have been on the show in the past as a guest expert to talk about topics such as Universal Design and Design Trends, but this time Caren needed a co-host since Ken was going out of town.  I have to admit, the idea scared me a little.  In the end, I considered it more of an honor and fun opportunity and I'm glad I did.  Caren had expertly prepared an outline of topics and it was just up to me to follow her lead.  Luckily, I was better at following along in the recording studio than I am at following along on the dance floor :)

From House to Home with Ken and Caren airs every Saturday afternoon on 94.5 FM from 4-5pm.  If you've never tuned in, you're missing out!  The show features local professionals who give great advice about all aspects of home improvement from minor DIY projects all the way up to custom home building tips and tricks.  It's entertaining and informational at the same time.

While, I'm no expert and I have no intentions of quitting my day job, I'm glad I stepped away from the drawing board and up to the mic.  I've attached a recording of the show below so I can share the full measure of my experience with you.  I hope you enjoy it!

LINK to Audio Recording of Kimberly Kerl on From House to Home 6/10/17


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