Meet Kimberly

Kimberly is a designer who has allowed her fascination with the built environment and her love of historic architecture guide her career path.  She has always been intrigued by the stories that make a building come alive.  Stories reflected in a building’s design, its history, its inhabitants and its surroundings.  She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a part of writing these stories and designing these buildings.

Kimberly pursued her passion and entered the College of Architecture at Clemson University where she naturally concentrated her studies in the Historic Preservation program and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Design.  She continued her studies at UNC Charlotte where she earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree. 

Kimberly first discovered her penchant for custom residential design while designing custom homes and cottages for Foothills Presbyterian Home.  She enjoyed giving her clients the personal attention that is required when creating custom solutions tailored to an individual’s needs.  By incorporating Universal Design Principles coupled with her architectural training, Kimberly crafted designs that allowed the residents to ‘Age in Place’ without sacrificing genuine style and charm.

Along with her German born husband and their three children, Kimberly takes as many opportunities as possible to travel.  She finds great pleasure in photographing architectural wonders, learning about the stories of their past, tasting the cuisine of their cultures and absorbing their rich eclectic history.

Kimberly is a religious education teacher, avid PTA volunteer, and charity event organizer. She considers her family to be her ultimate project and takes great pleasure in her children’s music concerts, basketball games, softball tournaments, and swim meets.  Her hobbies include writing, photography, socializing, and making a difference in the lives of others.  She is fortunate to be in a profession that allows her to share her lifelong love of architecture with clients who have stories of their own waiting to be written by a well versed designer.


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